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Mary Tourtel

Mary Tourtel

Mary Tourtel created Rupert in 1920 for the Daily Express who wished to compete with Teddy Tail who was very popular in the Daily Mail. Rupert was an instant success.

Born in Kent in 1874, Mary trained at art school and became a professional book illustrator. Her husband, Herbert, was a sub-editor of the Daily Express and it was he who arranged for Mary to create Rupert for the Express. The character she created was the "Little Lost Bear" who became Rupert. Mary drew Rupert until 1935 when the work became too much for her, due to her deteriorating eyesight. She died in 1948.

Alfred Bestall

Alfred Bestall

Alfred Edmeades Bestall took over from Mary Tourtel, Rupert's creator. He was born in Mandalay, Burma in 1892 and died in 1986.

Bestall drew Rupert for the Express newspaper until 1965. After this he still contributed to the Rupert Annual for a number of years.

An intermediate period

When Alfred Bestall retired from drawing Rupert, there was a spell when various artists took on the role. These included Lucy Matthews and Jenny Kisler but most noteably Alex Cubie.

This is an interesting link to information about Alex Cubie HERE

John Harrold

John Harrold

A full-time artist was finally found for Rupert in 1985. This was John Harrold who had contributed stories from 1976. He worked on Rupert Bear for the Daily Express for over 30 years.

Stuart Trotter

Stuart Trotter

Rupert's artist is now Stuart Trotter. Stuart is a real Rupert enthusiast and an experienced children's illustrator/storyteller. He has illustrated Postman Pat, Winnie the Pooh, Kipper and Thomas the Tank Engine. He has his own characters and publishing company, Rockpool. We are delighted to be reading the first new Classic Rupert Stories for some time. Stuart is developing his own style of Rupert artwork, based on that of his hero, Alfred Bestall. He has been the official Rupert artist since 2008 when he illustrated his first Rupert annual.

We are optimistic that Stuart's genuine love of Rupert and respect for his tradition will eventually carry him into the ranks of the great Rupert artists.

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The 2021 AGM and Fun Day - Tavistock!

Held at an exciting new venue

As you will all know by now, Warwick School was not able to host our 2021 Event.  Up stepped Charles Knape who as pulled out all the stops to organise an event for us at Kelly College in Tavistock.

It was an amazing success.  Huge thanks to Charles.  A full Review of the Day will appear in the Winter Nutwood Newsletter - but to be there and see the Rupert hot-air balloon inflated for what is likely to be the very last time was amazing.  You can find a shorter review with photos and videos on this site.  Look at the "Followers' AGM and Annual Fun Day" section below or just click here to go straight to the review.