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Welcome to the Followers of Rupert

Since 1983 there has been a society, called The Followers of Rupert, for those who remember Rupert from their childhood with affection. The society is limited to classic Rupert, not the cartoon character more recently seen.



Follow Rupert!

The Society gets its name from the Rupert annuals. Each year at the end of the stories there is a page advertising Rupert in the Daily Express and on that page is the slogan "Follow Rupert in the (Daily) Express" and so we are The Followers!

We have hundreds of members who enjoy regular newsletters, calendars and other Rupert-related items produced specifically for the society.

As we move on through 2021, we welcome our new members.
Our Annual gathering over August Bank Holiday weekend was an amazing success. The Rupert hot-air balloon (out of commission for quit some time) was inflated - probably for the last time.  A wonderful sight.
Join us - and come along next year!

  Rupert is now 100 years old


Rupert first appeared on the 8th November 1920, so he is now 100 years of age!

Treats for Members were arranged to celebrate the occasion.

The Centenary Celebrations were, of course, very special. Now, Rupert moves on into his next Century.
Join the Followers, and be part of the fun.
Every August, the Followers hold their AGM around which is held a Fun Day. This year we had an exciting new venue down in Tavistock, which was wonderful. Everyone throughly enjoyed themselves The About Us' section will tell you more.

The 'Centenary News' link below notes some of the events and merchandise that were created for the Centenary, as we became aware of them.




John Harrold Book signing

John Harrold, who was the last Daily Express newspaper Rupert artist, will be visiting Lewes to sign copies of his Annuals.

Originally planned for Easter 2020, the event had to be re-arranged several times because of the Covid pandemic.

A new date has been fixed and we are pleased to announce that the event will now take place on


Saturday 13th November 2021

More details on this flyer:   John Harrold Book-signing Information



This beautiful piece of artwork was created by Stuart Trotter and shows the changes Rupert has undergone in 100 years.



A Map of Nutwood

As all Rupert fans know, the little bear lives in Nutwood with his Mummy and Daddy.

There has always been much mystery about Nutwood and its surrounding area:

  • Where is the Professor's Tower?
  • Where does the Conjuror's pagoda lie?
  • Is the School across the Common?


The definitive Nutwood Map has now been created by the Nutwood Ordnance Survey Company - and it is available for members of the Followers to purchase!




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