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Become a Follower of Rupert Bear - Members' Benefits

As a full member you would receive a host of items that are not available elsewhere. These include:

  • A thrice-yearly Nutwood Newsletter packed with Ruperty articles, some serious, some semi-frivolous, as well as news of new products related to the little bear.
    Click here for a sample to view or download
  • An exclusive calendar each year  produced by the Followers, solely for the Followers
    Click here for a sample calendar page
  • Specially published booklets featuring Rupert newspaper stories that have never appeared other than in the newspaper itself
  • Access to the Members Area of our website with downloads of past copies of our Newsletters and booklets from the past decade, scans of virtually every story to appear in the Daily Express
  • Entitlement to join the Followers Facebook Group for more Ruperty discussion and exchange of information
  • Entitlement to attend the Followers AGM and annual get-together – more familiarly known as the “Annual”
    Click here for a report of a previous AGM
  • Access to the Followers Library – we have an extensive library of Rupert-related books ranging from those written by Mary Tourtel to the latest annual together with sets of comics, videos and other Rupert media. As a Follower you are able either to borrow these artefacts or, for those that are irreplaceable, come and view them.
  • Ability to purchase exclusive items* from the Followers Shop (on- line or by mail) – much of our merchandise is exclusive to Followers. Items available include:
    Click here for a look at our on-line shop


The Followers have three levels of membership:

Associate Membership entitles members to make purchases of exclusive Followers' items from our sales list. These items are not available elsewhere. Associate Members are entitled to participate in the annual Rupert Followers' raffle, with the chance to win exclusive items. They are not able to access the full/E-members' private side of the website, and are not, therefore able to access or download our publications, do not have voting rights and are not eligible to join our Facebook group.

E-membership gives full access of the website including the private members' section, thus enabling them to view and download Followers' Newsletters and other publications. They will not receive any hard copies of these through the post but otherwise are full members with full entitlement to purchase from the Followers' sales list and with full voting rights at the AGM.

Full membership gives as above full access to the private members' part of the website, to the sales list and voting rights at the AGM. In addition all full members receive printed copies of the Nutwood Newsletter and other publications and notifications by post (Air Mail for overseas members). We know many of our Members enjoy receiving 'hard' copies of our beautiful publications.

Special Offers for New Members:

All new full members joining now will additionally receive;
The latest Rupert Calendar, a CD 'In Conversation with Alfred Bestall', a Followers’ AGM badge, a set of Card Coasters, Bookmarks and a Followers' pen.
Offer is to our choice of design and subject to availability.

Check out our Constitution & Rules here


Join the Followers!

To Joinclick the appropriate PayPal option to complete your purchase and if needed please complete the Supplementary Information Form. Normally we will set up a membership using the name, e-mail and postal address given or associated with your PayPal payment. If for any reason these ARE NOT the correct details for the membership (for example if you are purchasing a membership as a gift for someone else) please use the Supplementary Information Form to tell us what they should be.

When you join on-line you will be sent an immediate confirmation from PayPal and subsequently a confirmation e-mail from the Followers including your initial password.

Note: Please allow 48 hours for any membership requests and updates to be processed.

Note: If you prefer, you may download and print a Membership Application form here:

Membership Application

and send it with payment (Sterling cheques and POs only) to the Membership Secretary - details in 'Contact us' and on the form.

Please note, setting up membership is a manual process involving a human being who does not work 24/7 on Rupert matters (we cannot get the elves these days!)   We try to complete the process as soon as possible, generally within 48 hours and usually much quicker. But please bear with us on this. If you have any concerns do contact the Membership Secretary

Once you have your password you will be able to change your password, purchase any of the items from our sales catalogue and if your class of membership allows, access to the rest of the Members’ Area.

Associate membership - £4 yearly

Receive full access to the shop

NB: This is an automatic subscription through PayPal that will charge annually if you do not cancel it.

Electronic membership - £15 yearly


  • Full access to the shop
  • Full access to the website content
  • Electronic copies of newsletters and other publications
  • Voting rights at the members AGM

Name of new member
E-mail address

OR - Take out a PayPal subscription for E-membership - £15 yearly

NB: This is an automatic subscription through PayPal that will charge annually if you do not cancel it.

Full individual membership £31 yearly in the UK

(£37 elsewhere in Europe, £44 rest of world)


  • Full access to the shop
  • Full access to the website content
  • Printed copies of the newsletter and other publications
  • Electronic copies of newsletters and other publications
  • Voting rights at the members AGM

Select your region
Name of new member
E-mail address

Full joint membership £33 yearly in the UK

(£39 elsewhere in Europe, £46 rest of world)

All the benefits of full membership for both partners of a couple, though only one copy of printed material is sent.

Select your region
New members names
E-mail address

It would help us to know how you first heard about the Followers of Rupert. Please if you can leave a short note in the relevant box of the supplementary information form below. Thanks.

Also your application will be default use the postal address associated with your PayPal account or credit card as your membership address. If you want to use another address, or have any special requirements (such as the membership is a gift for someone else) again please use the supplementary information form below or just e-mail the Membership Secretary   - Chris Hellen -

Please allow 48 hours for any membership updates to be processed



Data Privacy Statement
We do keep limited personal data of members (names, addresses and, if provided, phone numbers and email addresses) which we believe is collected, processed and secured appropriately. This information is used only for the legitimate interests of membership, such as distributing the Nutwood Newsletter and other information to members, maintaining the membership records, processing renewals, communicating to members individually on membership matters where appropriate, and, if the member has requested these services, access to the members’ area of our website and our Facebook group.

Members’ information is shared by certain committee members in order to undertake their duties for the Followers. We supply members’ addresses to our printers to enable them to mail the Nutwood Newsletter, which addresses they will then destroy when that process is completed. Otherwise we do not provide data to any other organisation or individual.

We have, as required under the new regulations, formally appointed a ‘data protection officer’ and ‘data controller’. These roles are now assigned to our Membership Secretary, Chris Hellen. We have also produced a Data Protection policy, which will be reviewed regularly by your Committee. If you have any concerns about any of this, or as a member would like a copy of our Data Protection policy or would like to see the details we hold on you, please contact our Membership Secretary,


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