Terry Jones (1942-2020)

Terence Graham Parry Jones (1942-2020)

Most members will have seen 'The Rupert Bear Story' which appeared on Channel 4 in 1982, and probably many had their love of Rupert rekindled by this. The film was inspired and narrated by Terry who had a life-long love for Rupert. The programme features rare images of Alfred Bestall when Terry interviewed him.

Terry was an early member of the Followers and, when we carried out a member auction for early Rupert annuals, he won the 1940 edition which i think completed his collection. It was the first time i have seen a Coutts Bank cheque.

I met him once at the BFI when they held a Rupert evening and featured his film. His enthusiasm for Rupert was still there and we had a brief chat.

I hope that Rupert remained a comfort to him in his later years. Rupert has lost another friend.

John Beck.


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