How A Cartoon Bear Saved Paul McCartney’s Career

YouTube channel Parlogram (a channel dedicated to The Beatles and his members) has recently uploaded a video essay about Sir Paul McCartney (former Beatle and honorary member of the Followers) and his involvement and connection to Rupert and the creation of 'Rupert and the Frog Song'.

Description of the Video essay:

''Making a children's song is always a gamble for a major artist but Paul McCartney did just that in 1984. Released in the wake of the disastrous 'Give My Regards to Broad Street' film, 'We All Stand Together' (aka The Frog Song) was a major hit in the UK but was not released in the U.S. at the time. In this video we look at the events leading up to is release, including Paul's trouble with the police and British tabloid press and a loose-tongued former band mate. In addition to covering its composition, we also look at the Rupert The Bear character and the cartoon film it was taken from. There's so much in this one, we think you'll need to watch it at least twice''.

You can watch the essay here:

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