Rupert in the Express, March 2024

Rupert and the Capricorn story commenced in the Express on Wednesday 27th March. This was originally an autumn adventure appearing in the newspaper in 1966 and makes an interesting break from the Express’s normal pattern of just reprinting Bestall stories. This one, (which was later reprinted in the 1979 Rupert Annual), is by Jenny Kisler who drew very much in Bestall’s style after he retired.


Rupert and the Flying Boat concluded the previous day after the reprinting of the full 54 episodes of the original story. As can be seen, Gregory’s Granny seems less than pleased with him getting involved in such adventures but Mr and Mrs Bear take it all in their stride as Rupert relates the story to them. Somewhere along the run the Express changed the title to: 'Rupert and the Secret Boat'. The correct title of the story as published in the 1966 annual.



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