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The Nutwood Newsletter and Supplements are published several times a year and are distributed to all Followers. The Newsletter's title refers to the village where Rupert lives. It is a lively mixture of serious articles and humorous items, together with news about society events.
The latest issues are accessible to download for Full and E Members.
Each Newsletter comes with a Supplement which features Rupert stories never previously reprinted.

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Full and E Members have full access to Download the latest Nutwood Newsletters, Supplements and previous issues.

Typical Contents

  • Landladies of Sandy Bay - looking at Rupert's trips to the seaside. Appeared in NN78
  • Dogs in Rupert's Aventures. Appeared in NN82
  • Ruperts' Annual Snowcover -an article about snowy scenes on annual covers. Appeared in NN80
  • The Blackbird in Rupert's Adventures. Appeared in NN82
  • Rupert in the Teddy Bear Times. Appeared in NN81
  • Odmedod - an unusual chum. Appeared in NN81
  • Family History -some Nutwood Ancestry. Appeared in NN81
  • After Bestall -a study of John Harrold's Rupert. Appeared in NN82



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The 2021 AGM and Fun Day - Tavistock!

Held at an exciting new venue

As you will all know by now, Warwick School was not able to host our 2021 Event.  Up stepped Charles Knape who as pulled out all the stops to organise an event for us at Kelly College in Tavistock.

It was an amazing success.  Huge thanks to Charles.  A full Review of the Day will appear in the Winter Nutwood Newsletter - but to be there and see the Rupert hot-air balloon inflated for what is likely to be the very last time was amazing.  You can find a shorter review with photos and videos on this site.  Look at the "Followers' AGM and Annual Fun Day" section below or just click here to go straight to the review.