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The Nutwood Newsletter and Supplements are published several times a year and are distributed to all Followers. The Newsletter's title refers to the village where Rupert lives. It is a lively mixture of serious articles and humorous items, together with news about society events.
The latest issues are accessible to download for Full and E Members.
Each Newsletter comes with a Supplement which features Rupert stories never previously reprinted.

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Full and E Members have full access to Download the latest Nutwood Newsletters, Supplements and previous issues.

Typical Contents

  • Landladies of Sandy Bay - looking at Rupert's trips to the seaside. Appeared in NN78
  • Dogs in Rupert's Aventures. Appeared in NN82
  • Ruperts' Annual Snowcover -an article about snowy scenes on annual covers. Appeared in NN80
  • The Blackbird in Rupert's Adventures. Appeared in NN82
  • Rupert in the Teddy Bear Times. Appeared in NN81
  • Odmedod - an unusual chum. Appeared in NN81
  • Family History -some Nutwood Ancestry. Appeared in NN81
  • After Bestall -a study of John Harrold's Rupert. Appeared in NN82



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