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The Followers Committee

The following members are currently on the board:


Role Name Contact
Chairman Roger Coombes
Secretary John Beck
Annual Meeting Organiser Charles Knape
Assistant Publications Editor Pamela Stones
Facebook Administrator Jordy Schaap
General Committee Members Mike Ward, Alan Murray -
Librarian Lizzie Hackney
Membership Secretary Chris Hellen
Minutes Secretary Mike Williams -
Publications Editor John Beck
Sales Officer Mark Hackney
Treasurer Charles Knape
Website Editor Pamela Stones
Website Manager Jordy Schaap


The committee was elected en-bloc at the Followers AGM on Saturday September 2, 2023 at Warwick University and this motion was proposed by John Lester and seconded by Richard Ball. The new members on the Committee are Mark Hackney, Chris Hellen and Jordy Schaap.The Chairman mentioned that the position of Minutes Secretary would be vacant in a year’s time. He also said that although it was not a Committee position, the role of Raffle Organiser is now available due to the resignation of Darren Evans. Any member who has interested in taking this on can email the chairman. 

The Followers of Rupert Bear

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