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Beautiful new Rupert stamps are being released on 3 September 2020, to celebrate the Little Bear's Centenary.

Buckingham Covers are issuing limited edition first-day covers with a Canterbury postmark, in tribute to Rupert's creator, Mary Tourtel.

We are delighted that this company support the Followers.

Follow this link to order from Buckingham covers::

Buckingham Covers




Royal Mail Rupert stamps for 2020

On 3 September 2020, the Royal Mail issued the official set of Rupert Stamps.

These are on sale at Post Offices or direct from Royal Mail (check their website), and can also be purchased in a presentation pack that includes interesting facts about Rupert (including a mention of the Followers), and a set of postcards featuring the stamps.  All items are ideal for your collection or posting requirements.

The set is made up of four pairs of stamps, each pair featuring two illustrations from one of Rupert’s adventures - Rupert's Rainy Adventure (1944), Rupert and the Mare’s Nest (1952), Rupert And The Lost Cuckoo (1963) and Rupert's Christmas Tree (1947)



To find out more, follow this link: royalmail.stamps/rupert-bear










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