Rupert in the Express July 2018

Rupert, Algy and the Smugglers story started in the Express on Wednesday 11th July 2018.  It is a reprint of Alfred Bestall’s first Rupert story to appear in the paper in June 1935 and then later reprinted in the Rupert Annual for 1937 where it appeared in black and red.  It was later reprinted in the Express in 2004.

This version is in full colour and with the sparrow waking Rupert with the message of visitor arriving, an adventure beckons.

Rupert and the Learner concluded the previous day after 42 episodes with Rupert helping the Imps of Spring who are having trouble with a mischievous young Learner Imp.  Problems with the plants and trees in Nutwood wood are only solved when the recalcitrant Imp is captured. The story also features the Girl Guides who are victims of the mischief maker and they are grateful when nature returns to normal.

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