Membership fees increase

Members: Important!

As notified in the last Nutwood Newsletter and agreed at the AGM in August most membership fees for the Followers are being increased. While all costs are going up at the moment, for us the increase in postage costs in recent years has been the main driver. So we are not increasing Associate or e-membership fees. And we are re-introducing the option of a three year renewal for full members at a discount. This is, by the way, the first increase for 12 years!

The new rates are:
Associate membership£4 (no change)
E- membership£15 (no change)
Full Individual UK membership£31 (joint £33)
Full Individual European membership£37 (joint £39)
Full Individual Rest of World membership£44 (joint £46)
3 -year Individual UK membership£88 (joint £93)
3 -year Individual European membership£104 (joint £109)
3 -year Individual Rest of World membership£125 (joint £130)

These rates will apply immediately for new members and renewals. However if you are one of the few members who was asked to renew in June with Nutwood Newsletter 113 and has not yet renewed you may still do so at the old rates provided payment is received by 4th November 2022. However you will not be able to renew at these rates via the website, but only by cheque, direct payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer.

If you currently renew through a PayPal subscription this will be updated nearer the time it is due, and you will receive an email from us advising you of the change, with what to do if you do not wish to continue with your subscription.

If you have any queries concerning the new rates or renewals generally, please contact Tony Stanford, membership Secretary at

Thank you




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