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Followers' Publications


In addition to collecting Rupert annuals and other Rupert books, and enjoying some of the excellent books written about Rupert, the Followers themselves have published numerous books and specials issues which have been available only to Followers.

Most Rupert stories from the Daily Express have later appeared in Rupert annuals but there are a number of stories that have appeared nowhere other than in the newspaper itself. The Followers draw on this bank of stories to produce for Members publications that contain these stories - a unique opportunity to access these otherwise unaccessible stories.

Firstly - a look at some books the Followers have published:

Rupert and the Women in his World

Rupert and the Women in his World, written by Mary Cadogan, contains a superb record of the females involved and connected with Rupert.

Punch and Tatler Drawings and Paintings

The lovely book Alfred Bestall's Punch and Tatler Drawings and Paintings was published in 2010 as a gift for all Followers.

Edited by Caroline Bott, Alfred's God-Daughter, it is packed with Alfred's illustrations for those two publications.



... and some other things published by the Followers: 


The Followers' Calendar

For many years the Followers have produced a Rupert calendar that is exclusive to Followers and not for sale on the open market.

As part of their Membership, all members received a copy of the new calendar with the Winter Newsletter.

Members may purchase additional copies.

and something else that is very special and unique ...


Followers' Special Issues:

In addition to the Followers' Nutwood Newsletter, the Followers regularly release

  • Supplements  and
  • Special Issues

These publications are available only to Followers of Rupert and contain Rupert stories that the majority of readers are unlikely to have seen previously.




These are issued with each copy of the Nutwood Newsletter that each member receives.

They contain stories that have appeared in the Daily or Sunday Express but have not been re-printed elsewhere.

They are therefore unique.

Special Issues

Over a number of years the Followers have produced numerous publications called Nutwood Special Issues.

These contain re-printed versions of early stories by Mary Tourtel and Alfred Bestall.






The Tourtel stories originally appeared in black and white.

This was a special issue of Mary Tourtel's
work - early Rupert that was originally in
black and white, coloured for the Followers
by Gina Hart

The Bestall stories originally appeared in Rupert annuals in black and red.

They have been coloured by Gina Hart, the Rupert annual colourist, for these special issues and are available only to Followers.

Early Alfred Bestall stories were originally produced
in the Rupert annuals in black and red only.
They were produced here in full colour for the first time,
being coloured by Gina Hart, the Rupert annual colourist,
for the Followers' Special Issues.



To see what Special Issues have been produced click on the icons below

This will give full details of the stories produced.

Remember this is the first time they have appeared in full colour!

Copies of all these publications were given to members as part of their membership and are available for new members of the Followers of Rupert to purchase.



Tourtel Reprints
Bestall Reprints

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