Rupert in the Express November 2023

Rupert and the Little Bells, a Bestall newspaper story from 1962/63, commenced on Wednesday 15th November for a first newspaper reprinting.  The story also featured in the 1974 Rupert Annual.

It seems a mystery is about to unfold which Rupert needs to investigate.

Rupert’s Strange Party concluded on Tuesday 14th after 26 episodes.

In the original newspaper appearance there were 46 single picture episodes due to wartime economy, so an extra two panels were required for the Rupert Annual reproduction and they appear here.

Rupert’s safe return is made after some magical adventures courtesy of Tigerlily and the Conjuror.

Full publication details of all the reprinted stories featured on this website listing of stories are incorporated in The Rupert Index.  For availability of the Index see details on this website.


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