Rupert in the Express late April 2021


Rupert's Rainy Day  started on Sunday 25th April 2021.

Despite the Rupert and Granny Goat adventure finishing after 20 episodes on the Saturday, the start of this story is credited as Episode 21 of Rupert and Granny Goat.

Not too much care is taken in the Rupert story reprint department I am afraid.








Anyway, Granny Goat was eventually restored to the safety of her bed after some flying adventures caused by the Wise Old Goat’s pills.





This new story originally appeared in the Daily Express in 1942 as Rupert’s Rainy Adventure and then in colour in Adventure Series number 11.

It was then reprinted as Rupert’s Rainy Day in the Sunday Express in 1986 and later in the newspaper in 1992 where it was for some reason recoloured.




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