Rupert in the Express July 2022

In the opening episode of Rupert and the Birthday Present, commencing in the Daily Express on Thursday 28th July, Rupert espies a parrot in his local woods so an adventure beckons.

This story was originally specially written by Alfred Bestall and appeared in the 1963 Rupert Annual, and this is the first reprinting since then.

It is nice to see Rupert’s jumper is now bright red as in his previous adventure (Popweed) it was often grubby looking and on occasions completely black.



Rupert and the Popweed concluded after 54 episodes.  A seasonal adventure that started at Rocky Bay involved Rupert meeting up with the Merboy and many of his other seaside friends to solve the mystery of the black popweed that has been washed up after a storm. After a number of exciting adventures he eventually returns to his parents who have been worried about his absence.














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