Rupert in the Express January 2024

Rupert and the Little Bells,a traditional Bestall Christmas story, concluded after reprinting all of the original 52 episodes on Saturday 6th January 2024. It is a bit of a pity that it shows Rupert’s Christmas morning present opening appearing in the issue for the 27th December, and throughout the story the colourist showed deciduous trees with green leaves during the winter months.

Things must be different in Nutwood.

Rupert and Dr Lion started on the following Sunday and it is a reprint of a Bestall story that first appeared in the daily paper in 1948 and was reprinted in the 1951 Rupert Annual.  There have been three subsequent reprints in the Daily and Sunday Express.


Let us hope Dr Lion does not get caught up in the current National Health strikes so that we can see the adventure through to its conclusion.


Full publication details of all the reprinted stories featured on this website listing of stories are incorporated in The Rupert Index.  For availability of the Index see details on this website.


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