Rupert in the Express February 2023

Rupert and the Bad Dog commenced on Wednesday 22nd February with a couple of mysteries.

Rupert asks his Mummy if he can go and see Podgy who he says “wasn’t well when he last met him”, though in the final episode of Rupert and the Winter Woolly featured in the Daily Express the previous day, he is seen meeting up with Podgy to regale him with the details of his latest adventure.

Rupert’s Mummy also seems a bit remiss about her washing as she lets Rupert leave the house in this new adventure in a rather grubby red jumper.  Possibly Nutwood is economising on power and the washing machine is currently not used so often in the Bear household.

Rupert and the Bad Dog originally appeared in the Daily Express in 1953 and subsequently in the 1962 Rupert Annual.  There have been more recent reprints in the newspaper in 2005 and 2013.  Fuller details can be abstracted from the latest edition of The Rupert Index.






Rupert and the Winter Woolly concluded the previous day on Tuesday 21st February







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