Printer: Egmont
Cost: £7.99
Artists: All stories by Stuart Trotter
Stories: Rupert and the Ice-Cream Van
Rupert and the Fairy Tales
Rupert and the Branch Line
Facsimile: No facsimile of this annual has been produced
Snippets: This was the first annual by Stuart Trotter and the the stories were new for this annual. The main trade run of this annual had padded cover, but in addition a further 2000 copies were produced with the traditional hard board covers. Stuart introduced a new character to join Rupert's chums - Clara the Cat. He also kept the origami alive. He was not, however, comissioned to produce a piece of "Follow Rupert" artwork and this was the first time since 1942 (with the exception of 1985) that a "Follow Rupert" page had not been part of the annual.

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