Printer: Robinson
Cost: 5/-
Artists: All Illustrations by Alfred Bestall
Stories: Rupert and the Water Lily - especially written and illustrated for inclusion in this annual
Rupert and the New Bonnet
Rupert and the Ice Flowers
Rupert and the Spring Adventure
Rupert and the Train Journey Alfred Bestall 1953
Facsimile: A facsimile of the 1958 Annual was produced in 2006
Snippets: The title page for 1958 was the first to show the year of publication Origami was featured in this annual. There were two examples: Rupert's Paper Frog and Rupert's Paper Water Lily. These followed the theme of the first story, which was also reflected in the beautiful endpaper that inspired Paul McCartney's 'Rupert and the Frog Song' Original black and white artwork coloured by Doris Campbell.

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