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Printer: Greycaines, Jarrold and Purnell
Cost: 4/-
Artists: All Illustrations by Alfred Bestall
Stories: Rupert's Silver Trumpet
Rupert and Margot's House
Rupert and the Jumping Fish
Rupert and the Gooseberry Fool
Rupert and the Paper Plane
Rupert and the Three Guides
Rupert and the Travel Machine
Rupert and the Big Bang
Rupert and the Empty Cottage
Facsimile: A facsimile of this annual was produced

The annual covers returned to hardback this year, following the war-time years of paperback.  This annual was the first to have specially created endpapers.
The stories Rupert and the Goosberry Fool, Rupert and the Paper Plane and Rupert and the Empty Cottage were especially written and illustrated for inclusion in this annual.
Rupert and the Travel Machine had first appeared in the Boys' and Girls' Book 1938