Printer: Greycaines and Harrison
Cost: 4/-
Artists: All Illustrations by Alfred Bestall
Stories: Rupert and Ninky
Rupert and the Young Imp
Rupert's Magic Top
Rupert's Island Adventure
Rupert and Uncle Grizzly
Rupert and the Twins
Rupert and the New Pal
Rupert, Algy and the Bee
Rupert and Pong-Ping's Party
Facsimile: A facsimile of this annual was produced
This annual was produced with soft card covers and, for many, this cover is regarded  as the most recognisable and is the favourite of many Rupert fans of a certain age.
The stories Rupert's Magic Top, Rupert and the Twins and Rupert and Pong Ping's Party were especially written and illustrated for inclusion in this annual.

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