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Printer: Greycaines and Harrison
Cost: 3/6
Artists: All Illustrations by Alfred Bestall
Stories: Rupert on Coon Island
Rupert and Rastus
Rupert and the Blue Mountain
Rupert, Beppo and the Duck
Rupert and Podgy
Rupert and the Rocket Plane
Rupert and Bingo
Rupert and the Magic Dart
Facsimile: No facsimile was produced of the 1946 annual - the first year none was produced

Origami was introduced to the annuals in 1946 and became a regular feature for many years.  The first piece of Origami was 'How to make a Paper Bird' and this linked in with the story Rupert and the Magic Dart.

The stories Rupert on Coon Island, Rupert and the Prince of China and Rupert and the Rocket Plane were especially written and illustrated for inclusion in this annual.
This annual was produced with soft card covers.