Printer: Harrison
Cost: 3/6
Artists: All Illustrations by Alfred Bestall
Stories: Rupert and the Cartwheels
Rupert and Odmeod
Rupert and the Wrong Presents
Rupert and the Old Ruin
Rupert and the Little Plane
Rupert and the Sea Serpent
Rupert and the Fire
Rupert at Sandy Bay
Facsimile: In 1994 a "reproduced edition" was issued. This was not strictly a facsimile because, for reasons of political correctness, words deemed "inappropriate" were edited out and the book produced with blank gaps in the text. The result was that many of the rhyming couplets didn't!
Snippets: The 1942 annual was produced with soft card covers rather than the hard covers of previous annuals. This was the first annual printed by Harrison. It was also the annual that started a tradition of an additional piece of artwork encouraging readers to "Follow Rupert in the Daily Express"

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