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Books About Rupert

A Bear's Life

In "A Bear's Life" George Perry records Alfred Bestall's early life and work up until he took over writing and illustrating the Rupert stories for the Daily Express in 1935. The main content of the book is, of course, relating to Bestall's involvement with Rupert and there are many all-colour illustrations of stories and other Rupert annual content.

Perry personally interviewed Bestall so the book provides a fascinating first hand insight into Rupert's development under the most famous recorder of his adventures.

The Rupert Index

This publication, which is a must for any serious collector, lists details of all of the Rupert stories as they appeared in the Daily Express and also includes a comprehensive listing of where the stories were subsequently reprinted. Full details of all Rupert books are included with many, including all Rupert Annuals, illustrated.

The Index was completely updated in 2020, fully illustrated and with all colour publications shown in full colour.

Rupert Bear Dossier

Brian Stewart was a leading art authority and had great admiration for the illustrative works of Mary Tourtel, Alfred Bestall and John Harrold plus the other artists who illustrated Rupert. This book contains interviews with many others who were involved in the Rupert production and it is profusely illustrated in colour throughout. It is an easy to read production, which is essential reading for any person interested in Rupert.

The life and works Alfred Bestall

Produced by Bestall’s Goddaughter who inherited his records and diaries upon his death in 1985, this book contains many fascinating insights into Bestall’s early life and formative years. Records of his early commissions are included as well as many illustrations of his early artwork for the "Big Shinies". A must for anyone interested in following the life of a working artist in the mid-war years, and as well as details of his Rupert work, the book also features records and sketches of his travels. A comprehensive list of his artwork and payments received is included.

Rupert Companion

Ian Robinson was the last Rupert Editor at the Daily Express so is well placed to write the definitive book on Rupert story production. As well as recording the early life of Rupert in the Daily Express under Mary Tourtel and Alfred Bestall, he comprehensively covers the progress after that with a personal knowledge. Ian wrote most of the later stories and worked alongside John Harrold who illustrated Rupert for the final 25 years of original newspaper stories, so is the ideal person to offer that personal insight into the relationship between Rupert author and artist. The book also features a section on Toys, Television and an index of Chums.

Rupert's Who's Who

In 2011 the Rupert's Who's Who was writen by Phil Toze, a life-long Rupert fan and Rupert Follower. The book lists every character that has appeared in Rupert stories in the Daily Express and Rupert annuals since 1920.

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