Printer: Egmont
Cost: £9.99
Artists: This annual contains seven stories by four different Rupert artists
Stories: Rupert and the Sugar Bird – Alfred Bestall
Rupert and the May Queen – Stuart Trotter
Rupert and the Coral Island – Alfred Bestall
Rupert and the Turnips – Alfred Bestall
Rupert and Bill in the Treetops – Alfred Bestall
Rupert and the Flavours – Alex Cubie
Rupert and the Christmas Tree – John Harrold
Facsimile: No facsimile of this annual has been produced

This annual is the 83rd Rupert annual.  It has continued the more recent trend of a high page count and number of stories. As a result it is more like the Rupert annuals of old, although purists will note that the ‘shoulder images’ on many of the pages are incorrectly positioned; traditionally Rupert appearing on the outer upper corner of each page and a chum or other character appearing in the inner corners.

There is also some mis-attribution of illustrators: the story Rupert and the Flavours was actually illustrated by Alex Cubie and the puzzles Rupert’s Cat Search and Rupert’s Secret Route were by Alfred Bestall.

At their annual meeting, members of the Followers of Rupert are able to have copies signed personally for them by Stuart Trotter, the current Rupert artist, who has drawn and written a new story for this annual,

Followers of Rupert know that the year of publication is the current year so that the 2018 annual is the one in the shops.

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