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Adventure Series

CatalogueThe Rupert Adventure Series was published approximately quarterly and ran from 1948 to 1963 at the cost of 1/- (5p).


The all card covered booklets were 250mm x 180 mm with 20 to 24 pages. The stories featured were mainly specially written for the series.image


These were illustrated by Alfred Bestall and by Enid Ash and Alex Cubie with the heads of Rupert and chums sometimes filled in by Alfred Bestall. Enid Ash also illustrated most of the covers and Alex Cubie designed and detailed a number of the puzzles.


Similar in format to the Adventure Series, in 1973 Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd produced two Adventure Books priced at 15p.



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Issue 01
Issues 1 - 4

Issue 5
Issues 5-8

Issue 09
Issues 9-12

Issue 13
Issues 13-16

Issue 17
Issues 17-20

Issue 21
Issues 21-24

Issue 25
Issues 25-28

Issue 29
Issues 29-32

Issues 33-36

Issues 37-40

Issue 41
Issues 41-44

Issue 45
Issues 45-48

Issue 49
Issue49 & 50

Ad Book 01
Adv. Books




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