All products need be entered thru the 'Products' custom post type under the WooCommerce section of the Dashboard

Product categories are defined under the 'Products' custom post type - currently 4 categories Annuals, Other Publications, Stationery and Other Items. Can ass any others that may be needed (eg. New items...) but If new category added the shop page will need to be amended to include the new category title and the woo products within the category (clone and amend current modules.

When entering product details always remember to mark the appropriate category box (under featured image) otherwise the product will not display in the shop.

The new shop page can be found here...https://followersofrupertbear.co.uk/shop - replaces the current 2-sales page

https://davesdemos.co.uk/RupertWoo/product/product-title/ - eg. https://followersofrupertbear.co.uk/product/2017-signed-annual/ - Items now under custom post type of Products, rather than Annuals, Adventures etc..and will be linked to from the new shop page automatically

The new cart page can be found here... https://followersofrupertbear.co.uk/cart/  -  replaces the current My Basket page

The new Checkout page can be found here.. https://followersofrupertbear.co.uk/checkout/ - althought the way the system is configured (or should be) users will never get to this page.

The My Membership Details page can remain as is, as this is not affected by this change.The settings within woo will point to a new My Account page which gives lots of options that your members don't have at present. If needed in the future you can activate this My Account page and let them view past orders etc.

Once everyon is happy with the 'woo settup' the replced pages can be moved to trash, the links to these pages will be changed to point to the new pages (I will compile a list of changes).

The Annuals and Adventures Custom Post type will need to be kept as they describe each individual item in detail rather than just as an item for sale. So new Annuals and Adventures will need to be added as they are now but instead of adding to Sales and the sales page they will now be added to Products. The shop automatically updates from products.

The Sales Custom Post Type and the sales page can be left in situ for as long as you feel necessary and can be removed (or trashed) as required.

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