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Rupert scans from the Daily (and Sunday) Express

With our new website we are able to make available to all full and e-members at least one version of each Rupert story that has appeared in the Daily Express newspaper. These scans have been generated by our Librarian, Louise Hopkins, and are taken from copies of the newspaper ‘as is’. Because of this, their quality is nowhere near as good as that of the Rupert supplements, but they allow members to obtain a quick and usable view of any Rupert story published in the papers.

If you are looking for a particular story you may find it helpful to have a copy of the Rupert Index to hand, as explained below. If a story has appeared multiple times, there is at least one version of that story in the archive. If you specifically require a different version, please contact the Librarian, who will add it to the set of available stories if possible.

Because of the size of this archive, it is held in a separate ‘Google Drive’ account on the web. To access it click on the link below. You will then see the archive, grouped in five sections:

  • Mary Tourtel Scans
  • Alfred Bestall Scans
  • John Harrold Scans
  • Sunday Express Scans
  • Other Scans

Within each section, there is a folder for each story. The folder ‘name’ gives both the name of the story and the identifier used in the Rupert Index, for example, “B053 Rupert and the Banjo”. Click on the folder name to see the individual scans of the story.

Note that some John Harrold stories were initially allocated a ‘P’ prefix, used for those stories published when there was no single regular Rupert artist. These are stored in the John Harrold Scans section but reference their alternative identifier, for example, “JH049 Rupert and the Sea Urchin - also P158”.

You may both view and download the scans. Please note that copyright exists on all these images and they are made available solely for the private and personal use of members of The Followers of Rupert only and must not passed on, reproduced, published or used in any other way.

We hope you enjoy!


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